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Skin Lightening Creams | Mitchell Group manufacturer of the best Skin Lightening Creams

Available at: http://MitchellBrands.com

Skin Lightening Creams | Mitchell Group manufacturer of the best Skin Lightening Creams

Skin Lightening Creams are formulated to improve the glow and shine of the skin by creating a more even skin tone and appearance.

Mitchell Group's skin whitening products have high quality ingredients and leading edge formulas which deliver great outcomes for any type of skin. Many consumers in several countries are extremely satisfied with Mitchell Group's skin lightening creams and lotions simply have compliment for that noticeable beneficial impact that these goods have experienced on their skin tones.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase the products that are 100% safe and efficient. Again, it is because Mitchell Group's skin whitening products are thoroughly tested prior to being offered to the market assuring the best quality and safety standards.

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Carotis | Carotis® - Infused with "Carrot Oil" | Mitchell Group Skincare

Do Acne Treatment Products Work?

Do Acne Treatment Products Work?
How Reliable Are Some Products?

Are you currently one of the countless people out there who may have tried just about all Acne treatment products around without results? Permit me to begin with telling you what Acne is all about, it's evidently merely a sign inside your body. Yes you will not have to cope with it in case you did not have it within your body. The contamination is the main problem which gets the Acne spread around.

Were always looking for diverse Acne Treatment Products mainly because removing Acne is not that basic although it may sound like a very simple issue. The fundamental idea which we have to know is that if there's a large amount of pollution inside your body it will bring about high level of acne in your skin and if there is a low-level of pollution it will bring about small acne which you could take care of conveniently. So those diverse Acne treatment products which you see intensely advertised on the television isn't really gonna help you get rid of the problem. They may not just be right for your Acne. I’m not saying they're worthless products. They would not help target the real cause nevertheless they essentially would help you get rid of the signs and symptoms. By way of example: If there exists a tree, those Acne treatment products will simply help cut the branches of a tree nevertheless it will grow again in the future.

The only method I know of to get rid of this Acne issue is to reduce the dirt and bacteria within your body which is primarily created because of the consumption of low quality foods and also how you manage to clean your body’s waste. To make certain you clean the pollution inside your body is the most crucial thing you can do. To do this, steer clear of foods that re harmful for your health but alternatively, choose foods that will aid with cleansing your system. It's all about controlling what you eat and your digestion. One method to do that is to eliminate the waste within your body consistently.

Some suggestive actions that must be followed include:
  • Processed foods must be totally avoided
  • More water intake
  • Consistently do some exercise
  • Cleaning face consistently
  • Effective skin care products only should be the first preference
Keeping your body clean can be done if you consume the appropriate food, once that turns into a habit it's going to have it benefits onto the skin too. It’s important to make certain that the pollution level inside your body is minimum and that only works by putting a conclusion to junk or bad food. If someone can do this consistently you will start to see the difference little by little, your skin will become brighter and clearer.

So now that you have an idea about acne treatment products, you can go for determing the best product for you immediately. However with the use of the product, don't forget to adopt the above mentioned steps otherwise you will not obtain the results as anticipated.

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Skin Care Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions about skin care.  

1.Why is it important to exfoliate when using lightening/brightening products?

Cellular turnover (new healthy cell formation) slows down as we age giving the skin a dry, dull appearance. A weekly exfoliating treatment is important to remove dead skin cells allowing  lightening actives to penetrate much more effectively into the skin.  Secondly, an exfoliating treatment  smoothes and softens the texture of your skin, instantly restoring a luminous complexion.  Add OMIC® SkinPolish Exfoliating Cream to your skincare regimen 1-2 times a week, always allowing 3-4 days between each use. 
Caution: Too much exfoliation can dry and irritate the skin causing irritation and inflammation, resulting in darker skin and/or dark spots, especially for women and men of color. 

2. Which lightening products are best suited for oily/acne prone skin?

Remember that oily skin fares better with lighter textured product such as serums or gels. Try Fair and White Exclusive Serum or our high performance LightenUp PLUS Lightening Gel. Both of these products absorb and dry quickly and won’t clog pores. If you still get breakouts, try our BlemishLess™ Kit, 3-step Rapid Clarifying System that unclogs pores, kills acne bacteria and clarifies skin. OMIC Blemishless Kit can be found on MitchellBrands.com  and/or  FairandWhite.com

3. Does Mitchell Group do animal testing?

No, Mitchell Group is proud to say that we do not engage in animal testing or use animal derived ingredients in our product line.

4. Do your lightening/brightening products contain sunscreen?

No they do not.  No cosmetics should ever be used in place of a good broad spectrum sunscreen (broad spectrum means the sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB damage. Many companies claim to have an SPF of 15 or 20.  This is great in theory, but SPF can only refer to UVB blockers.  In addition, moisturizers and foundations are absorbed by the skin, so they are by nature less effective at sitting on the skin’s surface as sunscreens do.

Common misconceptions: Men and women of color especially with darker skin, often believe that they do not need to use sunscreen, since they rarely complain of sun damage, however this is false. Dark skin also needs sunscreen protection from UV rays, especially when using any lightening or brightening skincare products.

5. I suffer from stubborn dark spots on my arms, legs and back.  How can your lightening/brightening products help me lighten these areas?

Our lightening products are formulated with intense fading ingredients to specifically fade and whiten / lighten dark spots, resulting in an even skin tone.  Try Fair and White Miss White Lightening Body Lotion for whiter skin in 7 Days for medium skin or Whiter Skin in 14 Days for dark skin.  For best results, apply to dark brown areas twice a day and let dry. Avoid sun on these areas during this treatment. It is a must to follow up with a sunscreen of at least an SPF 30 or higher daily, during and after treatment in order to maintain an even skin tone..

6. Do your lightening/brightening products work on a skin condition called, Melasma?

Yes, however melasm( dark brown patches )can take up to 6-8 months or more to completely fade dark discolored areas usually seen on lip, cheeks or forehead.  For best results, try our lightening regimen called LightenUp Kit. Designed as a 3-step skin lightening and brightening system formulated with a combination of aggressive lightening/brightening ingredients like Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid and potent anti-aging brightener Vitamin C.  It is one of our best sellers and has become a favorite of the famous actor, Johnny Depp. The combination of these effective ingredients fade dark spots and provide a clear, luminous complexion, leaving skin with a smooth even skin tone. Another option is to consider seeing a dermatologist for a 20% chemical acid peel.  This will also help to accelerate lightening results. Additional usage of a sunscreen with an SPF 50 (try our OMIC SkinProtect SPF 50 Lotion or Neutrogena SPF 70 Ultra sheer Lotion in any pharmacy or department stores. A high SPF sunscreen is a must for this skin condition! Use sunscreen during and after lightening/brightening treatments as well as avoiding sun exposure.  This will help to achieve and maintain effective results.

7. Are lightening/brightening products safe to use during pregnancy?

No, they are not safe to use during pregnancy or while nursing. 

8. I have uneven skin tone and dark spots on my body.  Which lightening products do you recommend to even out skin tone

A popular product is So White Hydra Sweet Moisturizing Body Lotion with Aloe Vera to be used preferably in the evening. It has a very nice floral fragrance that is absolutely devine! Be sure to follow up with SPF 30 or higher daily, during and after treatment in order to avoid further pigmentation.  

9. I’m using lightening products and my skin is getting darker instead of lighter. Are there any concerns I should be aware of during my usage of lightening products?

Absolutely, one of the biggest mistakes is not wearing sunscreen every day and the other is over exfoliating with exfoliating soaps on your complexion. The skin on the face is very delicate and can easily get dry and irritated which causes inflammation and with dark skin this causes more melanin to rise to the surface of the skin, resulting in the skin becoming darker. ( melanin is what give sour skin color. Please refer to #1 above for entire explanation on over exfoliating the skin.

Another concern is taking oral contraceptives or experiencing hormonal changes.  During these hormonal changes, the sun can photosensitize the skin and causes it to darken quicker, resulting in hyperpigmentation. It is best to avoid the sun during this time and wear a high SPF of 50 or higher daily, rain or shine!

10. Are there side effects when using Fair and White lightening/brightening products?

Side effects will occur only if product usage is not followed correctly.  Lightening/brightening products should always be applied as a thin layer to affected areas on dry skin( never on damp skin, this can irritate the skin. Apply preferably at night for 3-6 months or until results have been achieved. When using lightening products it makes our skin more sensitive to sunlight, therefore the continued use of a sunscreen during and after treatment is very important every day, rain or shine! Once results have been achieved, start a maintenance regimen with less aggressive lightening /brightening ingredients such as fair and White Original AHA’S like Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Bearberry Extract or Licorice Extract. A perfect example of a maintenance regimen is the Fair and White AHA Lightening Cream and AHA Body Lotion to be used every other day, such as Monday, Wednesday and Friday and preferably at night only.  It is a must to follow up with an SPF 50 or higher daily, during and after treatment in order to avoid further pigmentation. 

11. What anti-aging products do you recommend for mature aging skin?

One of our best sellers for anti-aging is the F & W Exclusive Silky Gel with Vitamin “C”.  It has a very light texture, absorbs quickly and leaves skin with a silky after-feel. This velvety smooth anti-aging gel helps to slow down the aging process and highly recommended to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.   Designed to strengthen skin’s elasticity and stimulate collagen production, Vitamin “C” keeps skin looking healthy, firm and well hydrated for all skin types.
Or from our new high performance line, try Omic® “Vitamin “C” Premium, a 22% high quality grade serum that remains on the skin for 72 hours. Vitamin C Premium Works as a collagen booster, a skin brightener and a firming anti-oxidant that corrects and prevents UV damage and premature aging.  An absolute must to incorporate in your daily skin care regimen. Vitamin C Premium improves circulation within the skin, keeping it looking healthy and youthful. For more information, visit omicskincare.com

12. Is it necessary to wear sunscreen every day?

Yes, driving to work, sitting by a window or just walking or running outdoors is enough to cause dark spots, uneven skin tone and/or premature aging over time. Indoor lighting such as florescent and halogen bulbs can also break down collagen and cause the same aging as UVA. Mitchell group recommends using broad spectrum UVA & UVB high protection every day.  This will protect your skin from premature aging. See recommended SPF 50 on  F &W website.

Must –know facts

1. 95% of skin aging changes are caused by sun exposure and most of the skin damage is attributed to UVA (aging rays) compared to UVB (burning rays).

2.Long wavelength UVA, which comprises the vast majority of UV rays is very close in wavelength to visible light. 
A simple rule of thumb:  when you are outside in daytime, you should protect against UVA even if the sun isn’t hot or doesn’t shine.  UVA comes through car windows and windshield as you drive.

13. When using lightening and brightening products in the winter, my skin often becomes dry and sensitive?

When skin becomes dry and sensitive, it cannot function properly, often leading to irritation and inflammation. OMIC Moisture Rescue 24 is an ultra hydrating moisturizer that immediately soothes and calms irritated, over reactive skin with new reparative anti-aging peptide, Skinasensyl. Moisture Rescue creates a water reserve in the skin and maintains  hydration for up to 24 hrs while decreasing skin’s sensitivity to environmental aggressors like wind, cold, heat and stress. Moisture Rescue 24 is a scientifically advanced ultra hydrating moisturizer that restores total skin recovery and increases skin’s pain threshold, minimizing sensitivity. .  It can be applied over any lightening /whitening product for total hydration. Visit Mitchellbrands.com

14. Why does brown skin scar so easily?

Brown skin contains more melanin (dark pigment) than fair skin and is more vulnerable to irritation. “Melanocytes”(cells that make melanin) are located in the upper layers of the skin and tend to become more reactive in darker skin. When dark skin is exposed to any type of irritation such as scratching, acne, injury, ingrown hair, poor laser treatments or sun damage, more melanin is released, causing dark brown scars to appear on the surface of the skin.

15. I have an oily complexion with large pores and my skin is always shiny. How can I hide these imperfections and control the shine?

Omic® PoreFree is a pore refiner that hides and treats enlarged pores, instantly absorbing oil and mattifying shine. PoreFree is often used as a make-up primer to hide skin imperfections, providing skin with a silky smooth and even matt finish. One of our favorites!  Comes in 3 shades, light , medium and dark.  Visit mitchellbrands.com  or FairandWhite.com

16. How do I know my F & W product is not counterfeit

Mitchell Group continues to protect our brands by addressing damaging effects of counterfeit products by routinely monitoring online and in-store retailers with the help of private investigators researching throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

17. Can I use an exfoliating soap on my face?
Yes, but not more than 2 times a week on your complexion. Most exfoliating bar soaps are too harsh for the face and can cause more damage. The skin on the face is very delicate and some exfoliating soaps are too harsh causing the skin to become dry and irritated, which results in inflammation. This action causes melanin to rise the surface of the skin, making the skin darker. I prefer to recommend exfoliating creams like Fair and White So White Exfoliating Cream or OMIC SkinPolish Exfoliating Cream.  (Fairandwhite.com )Exfoliating soaps can also be used on the body daily.
18. How fast can I expect to see results?

Lightening/brightening skincare is formulated to work on all types of skin as well as different ethnicities. Of course results vary; most see a dramatic improvement within 2 -3 weeks. Others with darker skin may see results in 4-6 weeks.  If no improvement is seen after 4-10 weeks, discontinue product usage.

19. Why are lightening/brightening skincare products recommended mostly for nighttime use?

 Lightening products are recommended preferably for nighttime use only because using lightening/brightening skincare during the day makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight and this accumulation of sunlight  eventually results in the skin becoming darker thus, uneven skin tone and wrinkling. Therefore, following up with a minimum SPF 30 sunscreen every morning will help to prevent further skin discoloration. Try our SPF 50 sunscreen (for all skin types) in order to avoid further pigmentation problems. (fairandwhite.com)

20. I have problems with acne scarring. Will lightening/brightening products help to lighten these spots?
Yes, but it is important to not pick at pimples because this will often leave unattractive scarring and black skin is much more prone to keloids (scar tissue caused by trauma). And consistently following a lightening/brightening regimen is extremely important to achieve effective results in fading acne scars.  After a few weeks of everyday usage, dark marks will appear less noticeable, resulting in a lighter, more even skin tone.  Try our LightenUp Kit, an aggressive 3- step lightening/brightening regimen formulated to fade dark spots, restore an even skin tone and brighten the complexion. For more sun protection, use Neutrogena SPF 50 Ultra Sheer Lotion or Neutrogena Dry Touch daily to avoid further pigmentation.  It absorbs and dries quickly and will not clog pores.

21. How long before I see clarifying results when using your Acne Blemishless Kit?

You should see a difference in 7-10 days. Some people see a difference in 4-5 days. It’s important to follow directions & keep using until an improvement is seen. For best results, use all three products everyday as the ingredients have been formulated to work together. It is not advisable to use other acne products during this time as the scientific balance will not be right. Mixing will create an imbalance (a negative effect) so the products will not work as well. Remember, consistency is the key.

22. What is the best way to eliminate razor bumps?

The first step to eliminate razor rash or ingrown hairs is to cleanse with an anti-inflammatory wash like OMIC Blemishless Foaming Gel Cleanser which cleanses and calms irritated prone skin as well as dissolve excess oil without over-drying. Follow-up with Fair and White Exclusive Anti-Bump Lotion twice a day to instantly heal and eliminate razor rash, bumps and irritated prone skin.  Sometimes clogged pores can also be a concern, if so add OMIC Blemish Fighting Lotion treatment to further prevent bacteria and breakouts. Any of these treatments can be applied on the back of the arms, legs or bikini area where rash or ingrown hairs may occur. The OMIC Blemishless individual products can be found on mitchellbrands.com. 

23. I have dark discoloration under my arms, bikini area and other sensitive private areas. Do you have any gentle lighteners for these intimate areas?

Yes, our Gentle Intimates Lightening Serum is designed to fade dark sensitive areas with safe and effective lightening properties. It gently absorbs and dries quickly with no mess. Uniquely developed for today’s body conscious men and women who want to enhance skin’s appearance in the privacy and comfort of their home.  It is one of our best sellers!

24. Can you recommend a specific product to lighten spots on dry mature skin?

Yes, one of our best sellers for dry skin with dark spots is our high performance LightenUp PLUS, Active Lightening Cream.  Its rich creamy formula softens and smoothes dull dry skin, revealing a lighter, brighter, more even skin tone. It can be found on Fair and White.com or mitchellbrands.com

24. The skin on my legs always looks ashy.  What do you recommend to combat dryness?

F & W “So White Hydra Sweet” Body Lotion with Aloe Vera,  a popular favorite for dry/dehydrated ashy skin. This nourishing body cream restores moisture, providing a smooth and soft effect with healing and soothing Aloe Vera, leaving skin soft and well nourished, restoring beautiful soft skin. Try YUM –YUM Soap with 4% Shea Butter to gently cleanse, nourish and soften dry skin, providing extreme hydration to stressed skin.

25. I’m looking for a rich body cream that hydrates and provides a glowing body sheen?

Fair and White YELEN, Delicious Body Milk is a high performance body lotion formulated as a velvety, creamy like texture that holds a sweet and delectable scent upon application. Its subtle shimmer and rich nourishing properties restore deep moisture, providing skin with a shimmery soft and silky smoothing effect. Yelen’s Delicious Body Milk leaves skin with a beautiful glowing  sheen.

26. I have dark stubborn spots on my elbows, knees, knuckles and feet.  What is the best treatment to address these skin concerns?

Do away with these stubborn dark spots by exfoliating with OMIC SkinPolish Exfoliating Cream every day. This action will get rid of dead skin cells allowing the NEW LightenUp PLUS Gel to penetrate and lighten more effectively.  Its potent lightening properties and smooth gel texture aggressively fade brown spots, lightening skin imperfections and preventing new spots from forming. Freshly scented LightenUp Plus Gel absorbs quickly, as its rich coconut properties soften and smooth dry rough skin.

New York Fair and Lovely Launches New Line | Apr 19, 2013

New York Fair and Lovely Launches New Line | Apr 19, 2013

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An attractive skin starts off with Fair & Lovely products for each type of skin.

Generally, in mere 9 months, the product sales of skin whiteners heightened 17 percent (to $432 million) as outlined by Bloomberg. The worldwide marketplace for skin lighteners will go beyond the $2 billion mark this year. This is the belief of the research firm Global Industry analysts.

New York Fair & Lovely is very well-liked by Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians in the U.S., Canada, and other countries. You will need to be aware of what you need to avoid in any skin whitening cream before we disclose New York Fair and Lovely skin lightening ingredients. The most controversial skin-lightening agent that you ought to watch out for may be the Hydroquinone. Although the National Toxicology Program happens to be conducting studies due to carcinogenetic issues, the FDA has permitted approximately 2% usage in products as of right now. Steroids, especially clobetasol, are another worry. As outlined by a New York Times article, long term utilization of a whitening cream that contains clobetasol may lead to paper thin, easily bruised skin, hypertension, increased blood sugar, and stretch marks.
Perhaps the most typical ingredient often seen in skin lightening creams and shouldn’t - is mercury. Those are only restricted in Europe, Canada and the U.S. Nonetheless, it is banned for use in cosmetics in Japan. The 1 part per million or 0.0001% limit is imposed by the FDA for the mercury substance. Expecting mothers who use skin whitening creams containing the toxin are at risk of poisoning their unborn children. Exposure to mercury can harm the brain, neurological system and kidneys.

Any kind of dangerous ingredients like Mercury or Clobetasol isn't found in New York Fair & Lovely products. The most up-to-date addition to this skincare range is definitely an ultra concentrated serum formulated with Advanced anti-aging active, Hexylresorcinol. This brand new anti-oxidant doesn't have damaging warnings and is deemed risk-free to make use of as a topical skin lightening component. It is a multipotent molecule 4 times far better than Hydroquinone and correctly targets pathways in the skin, avoiding hyperpigmentation. Anti-aging Retinol minimizes wrinkles and fine lines, promoting a radiant, even-toned complexion. To safeguard healthy cells under oxidative stress, escalating skin clarity and brightness, utilize the super anti-oxidant Hexylresorcinol. It improve skin’s barrier against pollution and sun damage and in addition it has the ability to boost safety towards UVA & UVB rays. The hexylresorcinol has got the strength in disrupting different phases of melanogenesis. 

There are numerous positive and quite fascinating studies done about it. It rivals those of hydroquinone that has the ability to lighten many forms of advanced hyperpigmentation. Hexylresorcinol mostly suppresses tyrosinase but additionally yields antioxidant capabilities - because it encourages an increase in glutathione levels within the skin.

The synergistic effect of Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and Acetyl Glucosamine help in lowering brown spots, as well as enhancing skin’s texture, tone and natural radiance. Niacinamide based on study, functions by suppressing melanosome transfer. That is why it decreased hyperpigmentation and increased skin lightness in subjects.

New York Fair & Lovely brightens skin pigmentation by way of numerous pathways.

New York Fair & Lovely was intended to treat and renew your skin. Our secret formulas carefully smooth skin’s texture, improving radiance and brightness.
We target specific skincare issues such as fading unwanted discoloration and lessen brown spots, while promoting a lighter and brighter even skin tone.


New York Fair & Lovely
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610 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10020

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Shea Butter "Natural Skin Healer"

Shea butter is an all-natural amazing product. This creamy-colored fatty substance extracted from the nuts of karite nut trees (Butyrospermum parkii or "butter seed") grows wild in West and East Africa. Shea butter has a wide variety of applications, however, it is most well known for its exceptional dermatological and cosmetic healing properties. African healers have known about shea butter for thousands of years: the substance is almost magical in its healing effects on burns, skin conditions, ulcerated skin, stretch marks, and dryness.

Healing Qualities

The healing qualities of Natural Shea Butter are due to the presence of several fatty acids and plant sterols, namely oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids. These oil-soluble components are nonsaponifiable, meaning they do not undergo saponification, or convert to soap, when introduced to an alkali. Shea butter possesses a significantly greater nonsaponifiable fraction than most other nut oils and fats, which lends the substance greater healing potential for the skin
Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Shea butter contains several derivatives of cinnamic acid, a compound common to cinnamon and balsam trees. Scientists have reported that Shea butter not only posseses anti-inflammatory benefits, but one compound, lupeol cinnamate, also prevented tumor development in a carcinogenesis test, a procedure in which cancer cells are literally "grown" in a culture dish. It contains beneficial vegetable fats that promote cell regeneration and circulation, making it a wonderful healer and rejuvenator for troubled or aging skin. It also contains natural sun-protectants.

Antioxidant Content

Shea butter contains vitamins A and E, as well as catechins, plant antioxidants also found in green tea. While it is unclear how well vitamins A and E in raw Shea butter are absorbed, there is evidence to suggest that cinnamic acid esters in Shea fat help to prevent skin damage from ultraviolet radiation
This natural product nourishes the skin with Vitamins A, E and F, helpful for sun damaged skin preventing premature wrinkles and facial lines. The Vitamin A improves skin blemishes, wrinkles, eczema, and dermatitis. Vitamin F acts as a protector and rejuvenator soothing rough dry or chapped skin and helps soften dry or damaged hair.

Shea butter has powerful moisturizing, anti-aging, protecting and healing benefits to the skin. There are many uses of shea butter and it has been clinically shown to provide relief for various skin conditions.
  • Excellent daily skin moisturizer for face and body
  • Helps prevent and reduce stretch marks during pregnancy and weight gain and loss
  • Restores elasticity to skin and reduces blemishes and wrinkles
  • Anti-aging and anti-free radical agent known to increase circulation to the skin
  • Helps reduces acne and scarring
  • Excellent moisturizer for both eczema and psoriasis
  • Helps soothe skin and diaper rash
  • After sun conditioning
  • Helps softens tough skin on hands and feet
  • Dry, itchy skin and scalp relief
  • Use after shaving to reduce razor irritation and bumps
  • Provides healing benefits to skin wounds and cracks